Tips on Choosing the Best Hydraulic Cylinders

26 Oct

A hydraulic cylinder refers to a motorized actuator whose primary role is to provide a unidirectional force using a unidirectional stroke. The cylinders are used primarily in the construction sector mainly in civil engineering, and the manufacture of machinery. Also, they work by connecting fluid pressure and flow to generate linear motion and force.

The hydraulic cylinders are available in different types and sizes and are used to meet some application needs. However, when choosing the best hydraulic cylinder can be a difficult task. For assistance, the following are the practical guides for selecting the best cylinder.

First and foremost, you need to choose the correct cylinder type. There are two main elementary types of the cylinder for industrial use; these are welded cylinders and the tied rod. For additional strength and stability, you can use the tied-rod cylinders since they are made of high strength threaded steel rods. On the other hand, the welded cylinders are made for higher pressures and are mainly applied in steel mills and in areas where there is adverse temperature fluctuation.

Moreover, you need to choose a proper mounting of a cylinder. The mountings also play a significant role in the performance of the cylinder since they depend on whether the cylinder body is stationary or pivots. Also, it is significant to check the operating pressure of the cylinders before purchasing. The cylinders need to have the capacity to bear pressure. Another vital factor to consider is the piston diameter before choosing a precise product from an online or offline store. Besides the cylinders need to be in a position to endure high working temperatures to improve its performance and efficiency. Know about the hydraulic cylinder manufacturer here!

It is also essential to consider the impact of the loads on the cylinder. Choose a cylinder that will support the size of the weight you are working with. Suppose the cylinder retracts or extend, you need to ensure that the piston of the hydraulic system does not bottom out and produce an impact on the loads at the other end of the stroke. Furthermore, the type of material that is used make the head, bearing, and base of the cylinder play a vital role in cylinder choice. Most cylinders are made of bronze however for the tough industrial task you need to choose the ones whose rod bearings are made of ductile iron.

Other than the type of metal used, it is also vital to look for a cylinder that is affordable. Select the one that is relatively cheaper than other and which can provide performance for needed task. To get more tips on how to choose the best hydraulic cylinders, check out

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